Monday, July 31, 2006

The birth of modern radio in Malaysia

[Currently listening to: Butterfly Kisses: Daddy's Little Girl - Tim McGraw & Faith Hill]

Remember when this song first came out? I remember it was probably somewhere in the mid-late nineties.. i was around year eight/nine then.. to those of you as ancient as me..remember when Hitz.FM first came out? was roughly the same era..part of the second wave..I remember sitting in front of the radio, Rick Dees going on and on, and saying how when this song first came out in the US on the airwaves, all the cars stopped at the side of the road, and people were crying in the cars. Apparently people could relate to the song. I must admit, it IS pretty good. Though being as shallow and unappreciative as I am, it might mean more to someone else. It does have shades of incest around the title..


Wow..remember those early days of Hitz FM? ...those were the days.. before that, we had radio 4 (a bit b4 my time) and time high way radio. fly guy was alredi peddling his trade wayy back then.. but then they started to play less international hits, and kinda messed themselves up.. then hitz came out and it was the final nail in the coffin for 99.3 THR with the cars horning ad that sparked public complaints that it caused confusion as people thought people really were honking at them. 99.3. haha..yea.. hitz.. when it came out it was good... nobody had experienced the joys of such a hits-dedicated english station 24-7...the early DJs were diana..lil kev.. the fly guy..john...the old timers.

i remember listening to counting crows - a long december, duncan sheik - barely breathing, no doubt - don't speak, collective soul, INXS, kula shaker, hanson (who thankfully grew up normal and didnt go queer), etc etc...we had the top 10 at 10..i would fall asleep listening to the radio, then wake up in the night to the sound of the cardigans - lovefool, en vogue, soul asylum. those were the days man! and metrovision started to play MTV video clips for us. folks, this was before astro... it might even be before megatv but im not so sure anymore.. im only 23 by the way, though i sound like a dinosaur even to myself..saturdays n sundays we had rick dees...and i would sit roooted to the radio to record whatever hit i wanted to record..The Freshman . vervepipe...

ahh.. those were the days... travelling to school by bus while listening to name that hit.. lil kev and the fly guy..

then, as usual, it all got too commercialized...too many ads.. too many cheesy ass ads.. with a bit too much local accents spoiling n cheapening the air waves..we had light n easy.. then we had mix fm.. there were folks who seriously doubted mix fm's survivability but hey, they still ard man.

today its all about flyguy actually has come soo actually warrant his own station..and yet another breakfast show.. with yet another partner this time.

ahh..the evolution of malaysian radio..what next? lets hope flyfm doesnt become overly commercialized and turn into a 80% ads and repeats station..


Friday, July 21, 2006

nice guys finish last

theres a popular saying, nice guys finish last.

nice guys get the used goods.

bad guys get the best parts.

true or false?

this is very similar to kenny's theme from his post.

but wat kenny knows now... many of us know from long ago. yup, nice guys do finish last (usually). if ur a nice guy, and u try to be a bad guy, chances are, u will do a bad job, and girls, they are sharp as hell with razor sharp sensors n detectors. they can smell a fake, a phoney, from miles away. this makes the niceguy-who-wants-to-be-seen-as-a-badguy just so he can attract girls n get laid look even more desperate n undesirable.

nice guys: dont try to be what ur not. chances are, u will do a mediocre job at being bad, and ur now no longer nice...making ur one asset (niceness) even more useless...

stick to ur strengths...80% niceness is better than 50% fake badness...

[we gotta tell them NOT to change.. if all the nice guys become bad guys... then the rest of us guys will have even more competition!]

but u gotta wonder.. is it true?

i for one, believe there are lots n lots of v sensible mature intelligent women out there who will not setttle for anything less than what they feel they truly deserve. these girls know wat they want. they are ready to settle down. or, they do not want to mess around. they want a good solid reliable responsible mature steady bloke who has a stable income, sound and secure job, reasonable looks, good with kids, gets along well with their friends, and are approved n liked by the parents. plus, these blokes has to treat the girl well, and with respect.

then there are girls who like guys with an element of danger to them...guys who are a bit unpredictable...etc..guys who cannot be tamed..they constantly want to do something that happens to be something that the gf doesnt want him to do...they do not take exceptional care to ensure they remember significant dates like anniversaries..they dont alwiz call...dont express their feelings much... dont act very possessive.. etc...and girls cant help themselves.. many will fall for this type. even some seemingly intelligent etc etc ones... who previously never imagined they were this kind.. also will fall hard.

then there is the normal kind of girl, who under normal circumstances, would have probably had a good rship. BUT. and this is the caveat.

their boyfriends are doormats. there is a fine trick and a delicate balance to maintain. the catch is to be nice, BE YOURSELF, and yet not be a dog! be nice, be sincere but be fair to yourself and be firm when correct. dont bend over trying to be nice.. dont keep calling her.. dont keep smsing her... dont give her mushy as hell love sickly sweet gives her the chills! it gives ME the chills and makes me want to punch u right in the kisser. be nice n polite n proper but for gods sake be MANLY. dont b cheesy...if a guy is too available.. alwiz spinelessly saying sorry whether or not he is wrong.. or alwiz makes the first move to call back.. if he alwiz says OH IM FINE WITH ANYTHING SO WHY NOT U DECIDE ON SOMETHING THAT MAKES U HAPPY...and asks her to choose dinner everytime... sure mati kao kao la this fella.. you gotta be yourself, but also, not be too much of a pushover. but pls dont play mind games..theres nothing more repulsive then a mindfucker. one fine day his hitherto perfect gf will jus go grr... lose interest in him. then this poor guy tries to up his game to become an even NICER n better n more attentive bf.. and unbeknownst to the poor sod..this only serves to make her even more disgusted..

how can she feel sexy n womanly towards such a guy!?

so gentlemen...

the moral of the story is... NOT ALL GOOD GIRLS PREFER BAD GUYS.

guys.. you are the ones who choose the girls...choose the type of girl who would like the type of person u are without requiring u to change too much...too often guys jus go for looks..

ppl who are very beautiful, many of them, have spent their growing up years basking in attn from the opposite sex based merely on their looks.. so they have never had a need to develop their they end up slightly shallow n highly n unreasonably demanding etc..of course, we have the ones who are beautiful and have character (which could b u of not generalizing). those who are not so good looking.. need to develop their character to attract the opposite sex.

so.. if u choose the right kind.. then u wont encounter a situation where u get trodden on if ur too nice..choose the kind of girl who will appreciate your kindness. just dont b a doormat.

if u choose a girl who wants a brat.. ask urself.. do u really want her? high maintenance n all.. prob will dump u for the next better think carefully.

dang, this post is tiring...gonna go rest...

actually shit no.. i actually arranged to meet some friends tonight @ laundry.. i was there on its very first night.. have gone back a few times since.. well..gonna make my way there.. aint nice to keep the ladies waiting, y'know wat im sayin' ?

good luck amigos!

ps: girls. shall do a segment for u v soon, explaining the mechanisms of the male mind. of course, if u subscribe to the theory that the male has 2 heads n no brain, and the 1 without the brain is the 1 to manipulate, u wouldnt b too far off the mark either!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

korean/jap guys VS msian/sporean guys

FIRSTLY. DONT EXPECT me to put up cute korean/jap guys photos here for you. go find em yourself. im not gay.

it seems like asian girls nowdays dig japanese n korean guys. well, wats wrong with malaysians n singaporeans?! ok common arguments:

- they are more handsome.
- more manly/gentleman.
- got exoticness to it.
- girls r not rational.
- conditioned by those damn movies.

heres my retaliation:

- [warning: sour grapes ahead] more handsome?! wat the?! they probably on average have MORE % of good looking guys among their population..PROBABLY.. coz all we see are the ppl in their movies.. n obviously.. in their movies..every1s good looking.. looks comes b4 acting ability.. note the old jang dong gyun movies.. and takeshi kaneshiro.. who still cant act..

- more manly? what is manly? it depends on how u define it. and this is highly subjective from woman to woman. some ppl think that the koreans n japs r too MCP.. too ego n controlling other words.. low self esteem. so who is to say? it really depends. if a msian exhibited all the traits of the jap or korean men.. would he be a turnoff? if the jap or korean guy.. like so good looking.. does he have more leeway to get away with good/bad behaviour?

- got exoticness to it. tsk tsk...jus because they are different n from somewhere else.. ur all smitten..i dont see korean n jap girls coming here in droves n oggling at our men for the exotic factor.

- most girls arent rational (told to me by >1 girl). enough said. no point argueing this.

- stop watching those damn movies. there is no such thing in real life. very low chances. girls.. alwiz wanting some prince charming to come along n sweeep them off their feet AND clear up their problems for them to boot..hello.. u feminists demand this n that YET still want ur problems to be solved (wat good is he if he cant make me feel better/eliminate watever issue was bothering me?) blah blah. its alwiz the same stuff n girls alwiz fall for it. poor grl works for rich family. son returns from overseas. handsome. nice. rich. she thinks he wont notice her. he got many other pretty girls going after him. the mother of the son scolds her n mistreats her. she cried secretly. he sees her cry. comes up to comfort her. she got crush on him liao. "he is nice, rich, handsome, AND nice! :P". then she thinks he will never like her.. heartbroken..keep misunderstanding him..though he alwiz nice to her n help her.. til somehow 1 night.. he will confess its her that he likes.. or some corny cheesy stuff lai dat.

ok..just to get one back for us ... heres a chick i think looks hot here. last saw her in .. all about eve.. i was forced to watch it. by a chick, no less. =) .

and had to put up with her sighing n falling for all the oh so obvious gimmicks.

- - - -

The exploitation of a KID'S breasts...

ok..pervs...u can stop perving now...

this japanese girl, saya something, she is like, 10 or 12 yrs old only.

i admit, she looks promising, but hey, thats in the future. she is still so bloody young..she is off limits man. i dont have any more pics of her, but ive seen it on the web...i wont link it for you.. i do not encourage paedophilia..but if u ARE a paedophile.. pls contact me.. im interested to hear from you..and then bash the living shit out of ur fucked up dickhead.

see, this girl, apparently, who is really young, has like these all grown up mammary glands..and there are some pretty fucked up parties out to take advantage of her.. they make her pose in slutty or derogatory poses.. i mean.. come on! she is like barely into her teens helloo she is a kid. wats with these ppl.. how can u prey on a naive innocent simple young girl who doesnt know better?

u stupid dumb cows.. for the sake of n greed for money.. u will ruin her, exploit her like that, and risk influencing the way she views the world and behaves next time? making her wear all these flimsy revealing stuff... have some shame. you are grown male adults. assuming she wasnt sold out by her own sex. i dont even want to call u men.

ok im assuming that she is the taken advantage of party.

now lets look at the other scenario.

lets she this girl is really so screwed up she wants/likes doing this sort of stuff.. if she was like over 18 i really would encourage her to KEEP GOING MAN TAKE IT ALL OFF but hell she is younger than my sister..--! something is seriously wrong where a young girl would want to do this stuff.. i mean where did she even learn this in the first place? where the hell are her parents?

i knew that sex was pretty on a pantheon in japan..they have this thriving porn industry n all..but a young girl! wheres ur shame? morals? pride? no1 shud b encouraging her to do this. she shud b reading, gaining knowledge, playing sports, out with her friends, maybe barbie dolls, i dont know, wat the heck do girls do anyway, play masak masak n doctor doctor or five stones or congkak or jump over the linked rubber bands or catching or watever.. not stripping for adult male magazines..

when ur a grown up.. and u wanna be like a SPG girl..making own decisions on life.. or like *insert name of famous bloggers* putting up pretty pictures of themselves..thats ok. ur a grown person choosing what u want and knowing what u want. but for a 12 yr old.. i dont care if she tells me that this is what she wants..

is our society so fucked up now that we will callously disregard what was once considered sacred? this is not taboo.. this is illegal, man. have we, come to the point that, we really dont care who we sacrifice as long as we gain? ladies n gentlemen.. we need to seriously look in the mirror and ask ourselves these questions..i can sense a slide among society..down the slippery slope of moral decadence.. and at the risk of sounding like ur grandpa..i say it isnt right. are we so screwed up?? you tell me.

or am i just too conservative?


I miss you, melbourne...i do.

(careful..sentimental blog coming up..pls do not continue if u expect to be entertained)

How many of you have been overseas to study/work?

I spent ...6 years in Melbourne...and i just returned to kl..well not just returned...i came back in august last yr..

the 6 years in melbourne, when i look back, had its ups and downs, the great and the not so the time i left, i was eagerly looking forward to coming back here...and i never thought i'd miss it.. after all..having spent.. a quarter of my life there...i reckoned i'd had quite enough. i went there shortly after celebrating my 17th birthday in kl...and i celebrated every single birthday there for the next 6 yrs. when i got back.. i hit the ground running... did not have time to reflect or do any of that namby pamby stuff...i more or less clinched the job here while i was still in aus, came back, started work, and never looked back. then i switched jobs, which occupied much of my time. i thought i was happy, i thought this was the life i wanted.

i had had enough of the student life...u study.. u work..u get ur PR..yada yada..but in the end, i realized that what would make me happy is to come back to kl.

i thought coming home, working hard, being around my friends, being in malaysia and feeling the malaysianness of things would be all i ever needed.

all that is true. its still true. still, lately, as ive gotten so caught up in work, i've been this what life is really all about? wats the problem here?

a) life is REALLY all about working hard if ur after financial success. so if u want to be pretty well off, then, slog ur ass off, there aint no short cut, and put up with it. everyone else is who rich did it the same way. they suffered too. just that we didnt see it happen doesnt mean it didnt happen. they probably sacrificed a lot. u cant have ur cake and eat it too. so, quit whining, and get on with it.

b) life isnt all about working hard. it doesnt have to be. theres other ways to it. life is about enjoying urself, really, taking the time to experience everything around you. YOU ARE ONLY YOUNG ONCE. YOUTH CAN NEVER BE BOUGHT WITH MONEY. remember that.

my time in melbourne really taught me a lot.. dont get me wrong, i had a lot of fun there..maybe im just lazy..not used to working hard... 12 hour days are the norm alredi..just seems that.. when i sit back n go thru the memories of whatever i did back in those days as a student.. (gosh im only 23 right now and im speaking like im 33) .. it feels like it was long ago, and it wasnt long ago. u know? i cant believe that 1 year has passed since i left the place. wow.. theres so much i feel at the moment that i cannot articulate..i think i will just take a little quick walk down memory lane..

Bogong Village..Melbourne, April 2003. Taking a break from tennis/football. In the depths of winter.

Bogong Village..Melbourne, April 2003. Taking a water break by a shallow stream after cycling up and down the rural country farm roads for hours...with nothing but farmland, dried australian shrubs, lambs, sheep, cows, lambs..beautiful.

Bogong Village.. group pic.. I'm in the back right corner with the blue cap..

Ballarat Wildlife Park, Jul 2005. My friend John..the 1 on the left!

Another Kodak moment..

Searching for his balls..

Looks like we went pimping (say pimpin' like russell peters folks!) in Thailand huh..

i want a garden like this next time.

thats the sydney myer building behind the tram.. melbourne uni, folks..

only in australia..

cute. the koalas look like that jap dude from karate kid..

next up...sovereign hill..ok quick history lads n lasses.. when melbourne was first founded.. they discovered gold in this place called sovereign hill..and..a lot of chinese, english, etc etc came from all round the world.. n settled here n started this rich gold mining community.. of course, theres no more gold..but what they did was they reconstructed on the site an exact replica of how the town looked like.. wherever possible they even used original stuff like er the posters n bills n fliers..they hired all these like locals to wear period costumes n walk around n pretend its like back in that era..the shops r fully functional..the blacksmiths place has a real live blacksmith hammering away (girls, sorry, he aint sexy) and the bakers shop actually sells bread.

original flier.

room to let

reconstructed original flier.

bowling alley

real street.

IN MY ROOM (babe.. i miss u..u were small..but u let me mess and use you anyway i liked without complaint.)

drinking n gaming..hip hip, hurray

mirror shots..the alfie look man, the alfie look.

chinese rock band album cover.

steamboat! my style.. i.e...chuck everything in, wait a while, get impatient, fish it out, dont care cooked or wat, swallow only. must have fishballs, sliced beef, noodles, eggs, tomyam paste, vegies, odds n ends, pig ears.. dog tails..saliva mixing..yea baby!

and damn! i miss the chicks too.

Silhouette experiment gone wrong! early dabbles with the camera..years from now when im a famous photographer i will look back on this moment. haha

- - - -

ok voyeurs..thats all for the time being..its late im sleepy, and i cant b buggered..gnite yall!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Men! Defend ourselves..honor is at stake

Ok, an interesting thing I received in the email a few years back...again, dug up from the computer archives..

first of all...why are guys always being bashed? stand up for ourselves thats wat i say. theres nothing wrong with women asserting themselves and taking a stand and having opinions n slugging it out with men in traditionally male dominated arenas..feminism is ok..its great to fight for ur rights, not to be discriminated against, not to be trampled upon..but..check THIS out.

great. i pride myself on my logical brain and my mathematical skills. but this one had me beat.

and to think, women are so smart, encapsulating a subtle dig in a (excellent, if i may say so) humorous piece (sure made me laugh!)..

and against that intelligently, logically argued formula, men, we have to prove that we can one up them! we have to come up with something brilliant, something very exceedingly intelligent, to refute them.. something creative.. when our backs are against the wall..we will retaliate with something that no1 thought we were capable of! .. :

ahh...why bother ..

/me slaps forehead...|_cuRiO_| slaps |_cuRiO_| around with a piece of trout...

(for those of u who werent around during the mIRC days... mate, u missed out on some great shit..for those who were...hello, memory lane)

if this is it.. in the men vs women arena.. my fellow humans with the extra schlong and meatballs.. we are dooomed..


on a brighter note.. perhaps this explains why we are willing to put up with it..

as long as there are girls like these.. fellow knights of the round table.. we have hope!

adios amigos, catch yall again laterz.


ladies and gentlemen!

after a long hiatus from blogging...i have decided start a new blog, to reflect this (hopefully) more grown up me.

a'ight enough chit chat. down to business.

look at the elf pic.

Though i would love to be a narcisist and say yes i indeed look as handsome as above-depicted orlando bloom wannabe, i am reluctant to add that, at first yes those qualities seem nice until i come to 'trivial'. trivial just does not cut the mustard, my friend. what on earth is that supposed to mean? sort of like a veiled dis.

anyway, i just read this article..and it says the merit and joy in spreading laughs and cheer should be worth it in itself. okay. yours truly shall humbly try to infuse some laughter into sad readers' (that means you, genius) lives.

so anyway i found this pic somewhere in the dark annals of my computer...u guys ever searched through ur computer? i highly recommend it. u might find some gems...seriously...

like this:

haha.. its amazing what rubbish in your computer you can come up with if you really dig deep and look ...

I'm just going to post up a few more funny ones

ok this one is a bit politically incorrect.. but hey guys...lets be open minded and take it as a joke ok? i've got nothing against ppl of a different color from issues with that at all...its just a joke.. i'd laugh if ppl made jokes about my skin color too provided its all done in good fun without malice..

funny...haha.. mexicans and their beans, jalapenos, salsa, and other fart inducing diet elements


alrite God, i've done my share of spreading some cheer. lets hope I have a good day. thats all for today folks..