Saturday, March 31, 2007

Arrogant Fools

Arrogance. Confidence. Cockiness. Swagger.

I tend to meet a lot of people who are at least reasonably good at what they do, at their jobs.
But, they tend to be arrogant when faced with someone not so familar with their job, or someone who wants to learn
the ropes. Now this annoys me like heck. Why?

Why do you need to be so arrogant? You are only able to be arrogant because this is your area of specialty, this is
your competency, this is what you are hired for. So, dammit, you got to be, you BETTER be good at your job.

You never think, the person who is learning from you, might be king in another department. Just because he is a newbie in yours gives you no right to be arrogant. If we threw you into the dept where he is king, you also would be as helpless as he is now in your department. THEN would
you want him to be arrogant to you?

One thing I don't like is at my job, is that as part of my program, I get rotated to the other departments within my function, and everywhere I go, I have to establish myself, gain credibility, earn respect, win people over, prove myself etc all over again. And when
I finally succeed, and command some power, and I know everything, and feel confident, suddenly I am chucked into another department.

Where I know jackshit and have to start all over again, and get treated like ... like... nothing. I hate always going from king to pauper. Its damn tiring. And dealing with arrogant fools along the way makes things worse. Speaks volumes about your character, regardless of your work ethic and competence level.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stand up!!!

Ladies and gentlemen.
We all have heard about it. We have seen it. We can figure it out. We KNOW about it.
What am I referring to?
This Govt's mismanagement of our country and our funds.
We have bitched, and heard others bitch, about it too many times.
All this while, we don't, and can't do much, due to it being non election time, and that our means of changing the govt are restrained.
We live in a democracy. In a democracy, you have a right to vote. This is your one and only chance of fixing what is wrong with our government. This is our one and only means, short of something illegal.
We have bitched about it enough. We have heard others bitch about it. Now, we finally have the opportunity to do something about it. So are we gonna lie down, and forever whine, or at least try to take the initiative to do what we can, regardless of the outcome?
Now, we can do something.
March 30th is the last day we can register as a voter. So, if you can still make it, go to any post office, bring along your MyKad, and register as a voter. The short deadline is yet another tactic to minimize the number of potential voters, because the govt knows that it has done like s#!t, and it will not do well this next coming GE. And thus this tactic will minimize the number of new, potential, savvy, young voters. The registration deadline is not even publicized.
Register! So that when the next General Election rolls around, which shouldnt be too long now, you can vote. We might not be able to kick the ruling party out. But we can
(1) Scare it enough so that it cannot blatantly fuck around with us
(2) Reduce its mandate so that it doesnt have the majority two thirds, so that at least whatever harebrained ideas and schemes it tries to push through, the opposition has veto power. Currently, they have this 2/3 majority, and the opposition is totally powerless to stop their stupid policies. All we are trying to do here is deny them this 2/3. Thats it.
So guys. Instead of sitting around whining, lets do something about it. If you tried to change things, but it didnt work, you still have a right to bitch. At least you tried. But for those who arent even gonna register and vote, please, forever, hold your peace, coz you blew your chance so forever lie still, shut up, and take what is dished out.
Remember. Do not think that "oh we can't win, so I shan't bother to vote". Thats not the mentality. You have a right to vote, so do it. We arent gunning for the win. Just deny them the 2/3. Thats all.

"I Don't Love You"..but "It's Okay"

Sociologists say that 1 reason why a lot of people arent hooking up with someone else is that people do not go to places/events that they are most likely to meet someone of their own ilk.

For example, middle class ppl don't hang around enough middle class places, or, if you like orchestra, you should hang out at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra more, or if you are a bookworm, you should join a bookclub and spend your days rotting in MPH etc etc yada yada yada and a whole lot of poppitycock that sociologists are renowned for.


I hope My Chemical Romance graces our shores!

I would definitely go!

I might meet my future similarly perverse girlfriend!

Its a sin to ignore this section of its fanbase I tell you. And they have too many good songs..quickly, come here and give me a chance to stand jump scream yell headbang!

On another note, just want to say thanks to all those people who have been writing in comments.
I have not been posting comments up I know, 1 of the reasons being that I feel it might be slightly narcissistic [of course this is subject to change, who knows, 1 day I might grow up and reckon its ok]. However, I do read them all, and really appreciate them. Thanks for the encouragements/compliments and comments. They make it even more worthwhile to maintain this perverse blog of mine.

Monday, March 26, 2007


= = = = =

Do you think you are disciplined?
Do you think you are more or less disciplined
now than when you were 16

= = = = =

People in this world can be classified into many types:


Book Smart
Street Smart

Now for the purposes of this discussion, let us assume that our subjects are all people who recognize an area
in their lives where they have certain targets, and acknowledge that a wanton hedonistic lifestlye will prevent them from achieving such targets. They realize that there is a need for some level of discipline in order to attain these targets. Examples are discipline in order to achieve financial goals, balance budgets, maintain weight, etc.

Those humans who see absolutely no need in their lives for any sort of goals or targets that necessitate some
form of discipline in order to attain aforesaid goals/targets are left out of this discussion entirely because these people live in their little cocoons, arent plugged into today's world, and thus are not worth discussing. They have
no worthy goals because worthy goals do not come easy without sacrifice or discipline.

The list goes on. I further venture that in general humans can be classified into:

Capable of discipline
Incapable of discipline

1. Capable of discipline

These people recognize or desire to have a certain goal. E.g. financial security. And thus they do various things to
bring them closer to such goals. This could be researching into investments, doing due diligence before investing,
sticking to a budget, controlling urges to splurge, etc. This requires discipline. It is definitely no joy to be doing the abovementioned day after day. It requires 
discipline to stick to a budget, to prevent yourself from reaching for that extra coffee.

Another example is physical fitness. You go to the gym, and you can tell who the disciplined ones are. The ones
who show up regularly, go through routines that are so taxing their faces are scrunched up, do things such as emphasizing form and technique over short term thrills like impressing others. These are the ones with the good bodies. The ones who you have seen for a long time, yet have no significant results to show for it, these are the
ones who don't have the  discipline to do things right, do things well, and make slow, steady progress.

So these people have shown that they are CAPABLE of discipline.
It is a matter of how disciplined, and what
they choose to be disciplined about
. That is a personal choice.

Some people might have great gym

discipline because they value their body much more than their money, hence they might be terrible spenders. A person capable of discipline might not be disciplined in everything - it depends on what they value.
Hence you can have a person who allows his body to rot without exercise but steadily builds his net worth in a disciplined manner, or you could have a person who works out regularly and in a disciplined manner to attain a sculpted physique but then spends all his $ on unnecessary, non income generating depreciating assets.

2. Incapable of discipline

Very simple. They have certain goals as well. And they recognize the need for discipline required to attain such
goals. But they never sustain their initiatives for a long period of time. This is due to lack of discipline. When
the desire to attain the target is strong enough, the discipline will automatically exist. If the desire is just not strong enough, the discipline required will
simply not be there. They recognize that they want to be fit, and they thus need to do lots of cardio and some
weight lifting. But they can not put in the prolonged sustained effort and sacrifices required to achieve such goals.
Some people constantly say they want financial security. They want to be rich. They are saving for a car. But they never seem to take any steps closer to their goal. That is indiscipline. They are not prepared to stick to budgets, fight for promotions, aggressively research and search for investment opportunities etc.

Its not a fatal flaw. It just is so.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When I was younger, I had much more self control. I would establish what I wanted my end game to be, and I would doggedly, steadfastedly, determinedly march towards it, undeterred by any temptations. I would think:

1. Where do I want to go?
2. What do I got to do to get there?
3. Do it - do what you gotta do.
4. If an obstacle comes up...refer back to 1. and go down again.


1. I want to obtain a minimum of 85% for my Final Add Maths score.
2. I need to practice AddMaths everyday on my own. I need to do all my homework and get 95% correct. 
3. Do it.
4. I am lazy and tired. But I want to obtain an 85%!!! Fine. [gets up and goes down the list again robotically].

1. I want to be considered good among my peers in my company.
2. I need to put in the hours, I need to drive for results, I need to stay back late to go the extra mile, I need to
    use my PR skills as a weapon, I need to do what the boss tells me, etc etc.
3. I do it.
4. I am lazy and tired and its 8pm. Well, I do feel about strongly wanting to be viewed as the best. So I force     myself to remain awake and patiently do some donkey job.

Problem is, now that I am all grown up, I seem to lack discipline more and more. This will NOT do!

I am now starting my own personal crusade to restore MY discipline. First off I want to build up the basics - 
all the time, eats heathily. THEN about financial discipline. Bu first before we try the external, we are trying to master the 
first. Step by step, cover the basics first.

I want to clean up my room, put my finances in order, build up health. Then build from there.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Honey, I humped the deer

Leaving aside for a moment the fact that I trust news from dubious sources such as non mainstream websites
(thanks to Scott Adams), there is a lot of interesting things happening out there everyday that we are not privy
to. For instance, look at this article about a man caught humping a dead deer. No thats not a typo. That, quite correctly you read, is a d-e-a-d d-e-e-r. Caught with his pants down literally.

Dude. Thats roadkill, in case you haven't noticed. There is bestiality. And there is necrophilia. Both are, in their individual right, equally disgustingly disturbing. Now the other day I was just joking with some friends regarding
the merging of these 2 sordid acts.

And now it has happened! When bestiaphilia [I even have to coin a new term for this phenomenon] occurs, it 
really highlights the sordid state of human morality. Gawd!

What if the deer was still sort of not fully dead but twitching in its death throes? Was the deer a male or female?
If it was a guy, how upsetting would it be? First he is hit, then he is sodomized
by a different species! At least he could say he was literally hit on. But still! I think the shame
would kill him, not the actual accident. I
guess female since it would otherwise be called a buck. What would it be thinking? First of all it was happily out
marauding for green grass. The next instant it's lying by a ditch, hit by some vehicle. It is in pain. Then it sees
some guy coming towards it. So it feels fear. Am I gonna be shot dead, smack btw the eyes? The next instant the
guy whips out something. The next instant it is being violated. What the heck? Dying and raped at the same time,
and by a different species! How much more indignity can you suffer?

How could the guy get it up? What now stops people from intentionally ramming down deers and then hauling em roadside and then proceeding to have intercourse with it? And perhaps to not kill it completely to ease their
conscience. He could even decide to take it home, rape it, and when it finally dies, turn it into venison. And invite his neighbours over to partake in the feast. So people, whenever your neighbours invite you over for a feast, and cant explain definitively wherefrom they obtained this meat, be very suspicious. And for heavens sake, stay away from the rump area! This guy better be severely punished, to be a deterrent, lest we have a sudden increase in deer roadkill.

Whats next?

I've heard of farmers and farming women engaging in sex with farm animals but this is taking it too far!

Now, the other day, there was this article about how 2 species can mate and then create a 3rd species. This is something I have suspected all along, especially with farmers' kids, or that suspicious looking guy with the donkey's
stubbornness, or that guy with eyes by the side of his head like a fish. But now its scientifically proven. You know what this means? It creates GAZILLIONS of new possibilities for
genetic modifications. You could say mate a horse with a cow to get a corse, which would exhibit traits such as strength, speed, power, gentileness, kindness, calmness. Then you would mate a dog with a fox, and you would get a dox - intelligent, loving, loyal, foxy, wily, sharp. Now then you mate the dox and the corse and you would have a champion

Hey who knows, the Olympics of 2050 might be run by a bunch of hybrids on three legs, centaurs and whatnot. The myriad of possibilities are endlessly fascinating.

Maybe we could harvest these genes and order specific parts...I'd like a strength of an ox please..and a leg of horse..My god...what if the deer recovered, discovered it was pregnant, and gave birth to a ... whatmacallit. Would it have a birthcert?

Father: Man
Occupation: Jailbird
Mother: Deer
Occupation: Maraudes for grass
Circumstances of conception: As a result of a bestiaphilic encounter which resulted in father being sent to jail

You know how you sometimes see people with animalish traits/behaviours/physical features? I'm starting to look at em in a whole new different light now.

Parfum...eau de murder

So, I'm revelling in my weekends at KL! Lets see...last few wkends I've been away..KK, Singapore etc...and this is
my first full weekend back in KL while NOT NEEDING to work during Ewan Mcgregor sings in Moulin Rouge..

"How wonderful life is.."

So how did I gallivant my youth away instead of doing meaningful, money making, constructive, future building, healthy things? Lets see. 

Friday -Skybar, wasting time sitting idly by listening to irrelevant conversations and feeling awkwardly left out among ppl I'm normally cool with but the view was splendid. 
Like Lunabar, but it was hot inside and risky walking too near the pool. Luckily was rescued by a trip to Maizon with some fellow techno-ish friends. Night salvaged.

Saturday - Ding donged our way to Serdang for brunch and then chilled at The Sanctuary,
which incidentally, is my fav new hangout spot for the mo, and then watching a movie.

I've always been very susceptible to women and their scent. Its like a major attraction factor. I'm quite sensitive to their smell because its very nice and different from smells I'm usually familar with, e.g. sweat of fellow basketball players, own stench, workplace smell, car's musty odor of decomposing cockroaches. Women's smell, especially post shower, just flat out REEKS of feminineness. Its so female.
Its undeniably, indistinguishably, FEMALE. not some putrid male smell or musky cheap cologne or whatever. Can never get enough of it. Also some of the stuff they spray/apply/dab on emselves... also is just darned alluring. So anyway, having indulged in disgustingly and disturbingly detailed confessions of my fetish for X chromosome odours, whats my startling revelations?

Sorry none. But...Having read the synopsis of "Perfume: Story of a murderer", I was deeply fascinated with the plot's premise and managed to wangle 2 unsuspecting friends into accompanying me. I think it was a really good show and you guys should watch it. Very nice touch, more European than American in execution e.g. no explicit gore and violence, no more nudity than necessary, etc. Some familiar faces, and some faces that resembled other stars (I thought they were making cameos but upon some research, realized twas not so). Protoganist gave a good performance.

I would want a whiff of that perfume though!

I shall stop talking about the movie now, no spoilers from me thats for sure, unlike the idiot who sat beside my friend who spoilt the movie because he kept whispering to his gf wht happens next coz the blithering idiot saw it b4.

For Pete's sake. Shut. Your. Trap. Others haven't seen it. What a dickhead.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

+ Oral sex = - Breast Cancer = Great news!!!

Hahaha...great news for the lads... and some of em bonnie lasses too!

Apparently according to a recent report, some established scientists have determined that
is good [link] for female
s especially when they ahem, ingest whatever liquid substance is deposited in
their uhm oral cavity. The report is hilarious!

Reduces breast cancer!

Hahaha...what, they gonna start milking us guys and offering our essences in nicely packaged bottles for a one-a-day-keeps-b.cancer-away cure?

Well, depending on the milker, I don't think its a bad idea if it really works. But imagine the myriad of possibilities!

Scenario 1

Guy: Come on honey. Give me head! I want head! I'm willing to, I WANT to sacrifice myself, for your health.

Scenario 2

Woman: Wake up! I dont care if your asleep! Get it up! I need my daily dosage!

Scenario 3

Guy: Here, I'm going on a short business trip... here's your 3 day supply. Should last you til I'm home.  Don't be naughty with the milk[pun intended]man.

Scenario 4

Guy: You made out with the milkman!
Wife: I'm sorry no choice the fridge broke down and everything in it went sour! I needed my daily dosage..

And so on and so forth. The possibilities are limitless.

And this case of a Russian man with a 6 inch dick growing outta his arms. What, you kidding me?!

And this woman, with a NIPPLE growing on the underside of her foot. What the heck? Imagine going to the doc and he goes I'm sorry ma'am, you've been diagnosed as having one breast smaller than the other 2 breasts!

Hahaha...kind of unnatural. What is the world coming to!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mission: Conquer Mount Kinabalu: Day 3: Summit

Day 3

And so it was, at 2am, everybody awoke from their slumber and tried to grab whatever breakfast they could.
Some had Maggi Mee, some had tonnes of chocolates...I had zero sleep but I did have some Powerbars for
breakfast. And we set out at 2.30am sharp...

I continued my strategy of marching on at a steady, constant, sustainable rate that was quick but had
manyrests, while bopping to the beat of my music in my ear. Muse, Nirvana, LMF, X Japan,
Beyond, Hinder, Blue October, Metallica, Hello Goodbye etc...

I soon overtook most everyone as usual, and caught up with the MD again. We had a smoke beside some
rocks to let others head on up to the peak as it was still early and we didn't want to freeze for 2 hours while waiting for sunrise. Finally, we went up to book a good spot, and it was already 5am. We were one of the first
to arrive, and we did find good spots to face the sunrise.

So while waiting...I snapped some shots...

Thats my foot right at the edge of the hundreds of feet drop off the sheer side of the cliff.

Since I couldn't find my beannie I had to improvise and use my friend Jinn's neck warming thing as a beannie instead, hence it looks like I have on weird headgear.

After sitting in the 5 degrees cold with the wind chill factor making it worse for ages, the first glimmers of light appeared on the far horizon.

I spied the Loch Ness Monster in the sky.

There was no majestic sunrise! I feel cheated. Just a gradual brightening in tandem with the dawn.

As it became lighter we could see the sheer rock walls on the sides of us

From some angles, I could just believe I was standing at the rim of a volcano.

But the view was spectacular in a way.

For safety reasons they have some fence around the perimeter of the very peak where I was sitting.

The canyon in the daytime...stuff that you should only climb at night to prevent fear.

Suicide point.

Kneeling on top of SEA!

Nice and fluffy..felt like jumping into it..but its not down..its clouds.

Can you spot the dustbin?

After being one of the last to leave the summit, this is the descent.

So smooth...

Taking a breather en route down the peak..

Much steeper and tougher than it looks here thats for sure!

Never lose sight of the rope, ever.

Walking down kills the ankles and knees...I invented various methods of descending that others imitated..

Rain clouds ominously gathering, a sign of what was to come...

Making good way...almost down!

The reemergence of vegetation.

Ahhh....vegetation...contrast the 2 photos below. [This 1 is near the rest area]

[On the descent, near the rest hut]

Back on solid ground! 6+ km high!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mission: Conquer Mount Kinabalu: Day 2

Day 2 - Mission: Conquer Mount Kinabalu

So here I am, just after starting the trek. This is at the Timpohon Gate area. At this point, it is
super easy, even a baby can do it. Clearly, I am well equipped, in my standard sleeveless shirt
(for better arm movement), lightweight shorts (for better leg movement), a vest (lightweight
warm clothing), and a walking stick. I forgot to wear hiking shoes and ended up in my standard
issue bball/going out sports shoes instead.

And here I am, about to start the gruelling 6km uphill stretch to Laban Rata. I am preparing
myself psychology to 'whack' n challenge the mountain hence my pose. Don't know what our
PMD EE Rablin is doing behind me copying my pose - obviously it din work for him coz he was
struggling to get up there!

And this is the first challenging part of the ascent...some pretty steep steps.

You've got to hand it to the orang asli. The women were lugging heavy, heavy loads, and even
entire gas cylinders, up the steep 6km ascent! I pitied them and gave some of them some of my chocolates. Some of them refused, but some took it and mentioned it was for their kids. I felt so ashamed I then gave away the rest of my chocs. If they can do it without artificial sugar boosts, so should I.

Just to share with you...a view of the trees en route to Laban Rata, which is our midpoint at 6km, our rest zone.

Finally, my not so arduous trek to the top was completed, and it was much easier and faster than I expected. I had mentally geared myself for a tough time wrestling with the mountain. And I came face to face with these famous words...

Being quite overjoyed and bored after waiting for some time since no 1 else was there yet, I then decided to step outside and take some pictures of myself. After all, I don't intend to climb Mount KK again, and in my entire life, this is my one chance to see myself at 24 years old standing near the peak of SEA.

One more, for the road. It is to compare with my before hike photo, but I don't look too taxed yet.

Thats me with a photo I want to be proud of when I am 50.

I had bumped into the MD of the company at the 3km point, and we had proceeded to chat and take photos for each other all the way up. Debating with myself, I
 finally decided 
not to overtake him but to match his pace, and we both reached the top at the same time.
Laban Rata hut (canteen, rest zone, whatever) was empty when I arrived, but after chilling a bit
at the balcony, some of the first stragglers began to arrive.

I wanted to apply the deep heat I brought to prevent my muscles from seizing up...and then I realized
that the tube I brought was empty. Well done, Alex.

The Boss then ordered some warm mushroom soup to share. To further cheer and warm
myself up, I ordered some Sabah tea (wooo) whatever that is. [I discovered it tasted like normal tea.
But then again, that is for an unrefined palate like mine].

Being bored out of my wits, I pretended to be creative.

Obviously I failed miserably. Undaunted, undeterred, and protected by a thick skin, I tried again.

This is when the saying two wrongs make not a right is 100% applicable.

Giving up, I decided to take something more factual:

I wonder what significant technical and engineering feats were accomplished by our locals. Ever.
Seems like everything is done by foreigners.

At any rate, the most interesting thing at Laban Rata was the volleyball friendly facilities:

Like, yea, how did u guess!? I took a flight, suffered a long bus ride, made an arduous-ish hike n trek up a
mountain for 6km, just to play volleyball in 10 degrees weather! What a genius you are!
Stay tuned...tomorrow: Day 3 - The Summit Bid

Monday, March 19, 2007

Mission: Conquer Mount Kinabalu - Day 1

Day 1

And so, on Thursday morning, the journey began! This is the plane we took on our 9 30am
flight to Kota Kinabalu.

The seats were rather cramped, even for someone short like me.

And it didnt help that my Excellent Seating Neighbour occupied 30% of my area with his
head falling over into my zone.

But the sky looked nice...the clouds looked like nice puffs of something delicious.

Being not very smart, I am easily impressed. This little nifty trick impressed me - tying em
together to prevent the soap bottle from flying ard.

I was slightly moved by the sight of this young boy guiding his grandma along. Something I
don't often see here in KL. Sabahans are such good people.

Then we went to whack what Sabah is famous for...seafood!

And on the way to Kinabalu park, I saw this magnificent rainbow. But due to the moving bus &
my dubious photography non skills, my photo doesnt quite reflect its actual grandioseness.

Ahh...a photograph moment.

Here we are at KK Park, where all the fun supposedly begins.

OK, at our Mersilau accommodations...all decked out for our dinner now.

Ahh...our steamboat buffet dinner! Can't beat that if you're in a cold locale.

And this is my lodgings for that night. Reminds me terribly of my holidays in Melbourne, in places like Bogong & Marysville & Lakes Entrance etc...Got all nostalgic for a bit & wandered
off alone to reminisce and soak in the feelings a bit.

Well thats my sleeping quarters for Night One. After 16 hours of travelling, I was happy to
just collapse on my bed.

Of course, after showering and putting on moisturizer. This is a pic of before climb, to compare to later after climb.

After that I hit the bed and dropped like a sack of potatoes. Gone to the world.