Monday, October 15, 2007

Parable of the 3 talents

In Matthew 25, the Parable of Talents, 3 men were given different amounts of money. God gave no specifications.

2 of the guys went and did something with their money, and increased the capital.

The 3rd guy did nothing, thinking that hey this is GOD's money, who am I to mess around with it and risk losing it? So he happily kept it, waiting for the day when God came and he could proudly return to God exactly what was given, having stolen nothing.

God rewarded the first 2 for using the talents he gifted them with, and using it to multiply his money. The 3rd guy was punished for being lazy and wicked and wasting God's gifts to him in terms of talent.

I was shocked. Why did God do that? This fella respected God's property and hence took care not to diminish it. He probably felt inadequate, not good enough and had no confidence in himself to do something useful with it.

Well. God will not give you what you cannot handle. He gave you the skills, He knows what you are capable of. Hence He gave the 3rd guy the $ and entrusted him to it. The 3rd guy did not think 1 step deeper: he was so caught up in himself...I cannot, I'm not good enough, I'm afraid ..etc etc.

Had he thought deeper..God will not give you more than you can handle, my friend. If He put you in a certain situation, its because He believes you can rise above it. He gave you skills as gifts. You should use it! Not store it away and waste it. Thats an insult.

I realize I have been the 3rd guy. Wicked for not using my talents and smarts and other gifts to good use and not ambitiously trying to capitalize fully on God's gifts to me, and lazy for settling into this comfortable routine and not taking risks and doing more.

I intend to take an indepth self analysis, and do more for myself career wise. It is time to really push myself, to step out of my comfort zone, to take risks, to use all the smarts n positive attributes God has gifted me with, to make more out of myself, to be a better agent of goodness in this world, and to pursue more career success more aggressively, and make more $, which means I can do more tangible and practical and good things for the less fortunate, hence being a better soldier of God.

If I remain like this, God gave me X dollars, I will merely return him X dollars on the day when He calls the accounts. Since He has given me smarts to do more and achieve more from life, I should be more gung ho in trying to convert this X dollars into XXX dollars, and with the extra money, can do more tangible goodness with it for the less fortunate. I will entrust my life to him and let him manage it and have faith that whatever situation presents itself to me, God will be right beside me guiding and helping and not letting me fall or handle more than what I can. Respecting his gifts and doing more with it to make myself a more exemplary soldier is the best way to honor what He has kindly blessed me with.

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